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Cinema Admissions Rise Across CEE

FNE Staff 2011-02-13

Cinema admissions showed significant increases in several Central and East European countries in 2010, outperforming European territories overall. The most notable results were registered in Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, and Turkey. A new report issued by the European Audiovisual Observatory noted a 2% drop in admissions for the European Union, to a total of 961 million. By contrast, Turkey had an 11.3% increase, to 41.3 million; Estonia rose by 19.7%, to 2.1 million; Bulgaria grew by 27.3%, to 3.9 million thanks in large part to the hit domestic film Mission London; and Romania saw a 28.8% rise, to 6.8 million, with local films drawing large audiences for the first time.

Turkish films claimed over half of all tickets sold in Turkey, as audiences continued to support national films, with a market share of 52.9% in 2010, and 50.9% in 2009.

Also showing strong growth were the Czech Republic, up 8.6% to 13.5 million; and Latvia, up 8.3% to 2.1 million. Hungary had a 3.1% bump with 10.9 million admissions; and Slovenia showed a rise of 1.7% at 2.8 million.

Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia registered drops in admiaaions. Lithuanian attendance fell 2.9% to 2.6 million, while box office fell by 7.3% to LTL 34 million. Polish attendance decreased by 4.3%, and saw the national market share cut almost in half, but rising ticket prices kept the box office climb by 3.2% to PLN 703 million. Slovak admissions fell by 5.6% to 3.9 million, and with a temporary drop in local film production due to a restructure of the funding system, the national market share fell to just one quarter of the 2009 results. However, box Slovak box office showed a healthy 6.5% increase.

Croatia had a 6.5% drop in admissions, at 3.3 million, but a 3.8% rise in box office, at HRK 87.6 million.

Czech films again proved popular on the local market, claiming a 34.8% share of the CZK1,497 million box office.

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