MEDIA Programme Offers Two Day Training

Written by FNE Staff
The MEDIA (http://ec.europa.eu/media) Programme Initial Training Conference taking place in Brussels on 21-21 March 2011 will present 45 speakers giving a complete overview of EU funding opportunities for higher education institutions worldwide. Registration is open until Friday, 18 March, at http://www.media-itc.eu. Registration is free of charge.

The conference will also include a presentation of the new MEDIA initial Training call and four panels on 3D, Series development, New and Cross-media, Management and integration of graduates to the professional world.

Panelists include:

- From the industry:

  • Klaus Zimmerman, General Manager of Atlantique Production (Lagardere Group) and producer of Canal+ series, The Borgias;
  • Erwin M. Schmidt - 3D Producer of Wim Wenders' PINA;
  • Sebastien Delloye- producer Entre Chiens et loup and Programme director of European post Production Connection;
  • Jean des Foret - Petit Film and Head of Studies, EAVE/BAL Puentes Workshop;
  • Dennis Eick - Professor of Serial writing - former commissioning editor for RTL;
  • Peter de Maegt, Caviar production, and Erik Taelman (VRT) for the Artist;
  • Ian Ginn -Producer Hubub film and mentor at Power to the Pixel.

Representatives and students from schools and universities in Europe include: La Femis, NFTS, COFAC, TAIEK, FAMU, Lodz, HEC-ulg, ESCAC, Salford University, Ludwigsburg, ESCAC, IAD, and Baltic Film School.