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Estonia to lead IPTV growth over next five years

FNE Staff 2008-06-10

A report by Screen Digest media analysts finds that the Baltic states will drive IPTV growth in Central and Eastern Europe. Estonia is expected to outperform its neighboring countries, with a goal of reaching 20% of households by 2012.

Lithuania and Latvia are expected to reach between 5-10% of households by 2012, on a par with most of Western Europe. Slovenia, primarily through Slovenije Telekom, and Croatia, through T-Com, are leading growth in the Balkans, with each projected to pass the 10% threshold.

The remainder of Central and Eastern Europe will be at 5% or lower. However, Screen Digest recommends watching both the Czech Republic and Slovakia for growth in the future.

For the full report, go to the Press Releases section of FNE.

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