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Moscow IFF Competition: Escalation/Escalade

Nina Boyarshinova 2011-06-21

French director, scriptwriter and producer Charlotte Silvera turned to the Russian play Dear Elena Sergeevna by Lyudmila Razumovskaya as the source material for her film Escalation. It tells a story about group of teenagers visiting their high school headmistress, who comes to realize that these young boys and girls want to blackmail her.

{mosimage}Silvera places the plot in a French setting, with the main character of her film Alice Nabat (Carmen Maura) inviting the group of young people to have a drink, not knowing that they actually want to steal the answers to the Baccalaureat exam. The teacher becomes a hostage in her own home.

Silvera made her film directing debut in the late 1970's with several documentaries and short films. In 1984 her film Louise...L'insoumise (Louise the Rebel), a dramatic story about Tunisian Jews settling in a suburb of Paris in the early 1960's, won Grand Prix of the Cadiz Film Festival.

Prior to Escalation the director made several films focusing on women characters in different situation: Prisonnieres/ Women In Prison (1988), a story about the complicated relationship between women in prison; C'est La Tangente Que Je Prefere/ Love, Math And Sex (1997) about love and sex between 15-years-old Sabine and her much more older teacher; and Les Filles, Personne S'en Mefie/ Girls Can Get Away With Anything (2002) about two girls dreaming about cinema.

{mosimage}Escalation was in the Official selection for the Women's Film festival in Creteile ( and screens in the Main Competition at the 33rd International Film Festival in Moscow (

The producers told FNE that the budget of the film was 1,100,000 euros. Funding came from Liberté Films, France 2 Cinéma (, SOFICA Carrere, Région Nord-Pas de Calais (, and Malvarosa (Spain).

Distribution is managed by Hévadis Films (, and the world sales company is Rendez-vous pictures (


Director: Charlotte Silvera

Writer: Charlotte Silvera

Cinematography: Yves Cape

Film editing: Hélène De Luze

Art director: Nikos Mélétopoulos

Costumes designer: France Thebaut

Music: Jacques-Emmanuel Rousselon

Production manager: Pascal Lamargot

Executive Producer : Jean-Claude Jean

Associate production company : Liberté Films

Co-Production: France 2 Cinéma

Distributor: Hévadis Films

World sales: Rendez-vous pictures


Carmen Maura

Renaud Cestre

Julie Durand

Mathieu Simonet

Thomas Sagols

François Berléand

Production contacts:

Hévadis Films

22 place Beauvoisine

76000 Rouen

tel: +33 02 32 76 12 75

fax: +33 09 71 70 27 50

Official site :

Production : Camille Jouhair

 Tél. 06 07 51 13 98

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France 2 Cinéma

31 place de la Madeleine

75008 Paris

Official site :

general manager: Valérie Boyer

Rendez-vous pictures

Philippe tasca, 00 33 6 73 04 50 72

00 33 9 50 70 78 30

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