MIFF 2011: Moscow to Host International Film Finance Forum

By FNE Staff

MOSCOW: For the first time Moscow will host the International Film Finance Forum Moscow 2011, sponsored by Corporate Finance Bank, to be held at Radisson Royal Hotel on 24 June 2011 within the framework of the (www.miff.ru).

International Film Finance Forum is held annually in world cinema capitals such as Cannes, Los Angeles, New York and Singapore, bringing together representatives of business and cinema. Moscow was selected to host the latest event owing to the high rate of development in the Russian film industry.

Olga Mirimskaya, the Chairman of the Board of Corporate Finance Bank, said in a statement, "The International Film Finance Forum is an important event in the film industry business. We look forward to discussing new trends and strategies for financing movies, and we hope that this event will be the impetus for the development of the film industry in Russia."

The Forum will cover the themes of new strategies for film finance industry, promotion and the search for investments, organization of deals and cooperation with international companies, sales and distribution, risk management in the film industry.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura will be the lead speaker of the forum. Не formed a production company based on Paramount Pictures, and since its inception the company has produced 16 movies. Di Bonaventura Pictures produced Transformers and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Shooter, G.I. Joe: Rise Of The Cobra, Salt, Red, and the third movie in "Transformers" series, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which will have its world premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival.

The invited speakers o are Chris Carling, a founder of Zephyr Films and producer of the historical drama The Last Station; Mark Foligno, the executive producer of the movie The King's Speech; Robbert Aarts, CEO of Fintage House BV and producer of Enigma; Phil Hunt, Managing director of Bankside Films and producer of 17 films; Bill Lischak, executive producer of the movie Rabbit Hole; Tim O'Hair, Head of Production at Parallel Media and producer of Brotherhood; Leonard Glowinski, Manager for acquisitions and co-producing of StudioCanal Company and producer of the historical film Alexander;
and experts from Aramid Capital Partners (UK), Corporate Finance Bank (Russia), IFG Bonds (USA), OddLot Entertainment (USA), Octopus Investments (UK), Parallel Media (USA), StudioCanal (France), and Universum (USA)..

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