FNE at KVIFF East of the West Competition: Heart’s Boomerang

By Iulia Blaga

One of the most outstanding young Russian directors, Nikolay Khomeriki, is showing his latest feature, Heart's Boomerang in competition in the East of the West section of the Karlovy Vary IFF, following on the heels of its world premiere at the Moscow IFF in Russia on 30 June 2011.

Heart's Boomerang/ Serdca boomerang is the intimate story of a young driver's assistant in the subway of Moscow who discovers that has a serious heart condition and has to reevaluate his whole life.

Alexander Yatsenko, who plays the main character, Kostya, says in a statement that he received the script just four days before filming, but he agreed to play the part without even reading it. "There are no bad Khomeriki's projects," he says. "Besides, we are friends."

Khomeriki is the first Russian director to shoot an entire feature in black and white in several years. He worked with Shandor Berkeshi as the DOP, which brought an atmosphere of familiarity to the set, since Yatsenko had already worked with him on three previous projects. Claudia Korshunova, who plays Anya, says that it was very interesting to see herself in black and white, and that her second collaboration with Khomeriki is important for her since she thinks he is one of the most talented new Russian directors.

Heart's Boomerang is produced by Svetlana Kumchaeva and Valday Films who contributed 70% of the budget from its own resources and a production grant from the state, in co-production with Anastasia Ragozina contributing 30%. The budget was 40,000,000 rub, Alla Efremova, executive producer at Valday Films, told FNE.

Shooting took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in winter (when the temperature went as low as -34 degrees Celsius). One of the fondest memories of the crew was shooting in Red Square on New Year's Eve 2010/2011.

Born in 1975, Khomeriki studied film direction at La FÉMIS, with Eric Rohmer as one of his teachers. He was assistant director to Philippe Garrel on Regular Lovers (Les amants réguliers, 2005). His first feature, 977, was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. In 2009 Tale in the Darkness (Skazka pro tyemnotu, 2009) was also selected for the same section in Cannes.

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