FNE at Berlinale 2011: Competition Coriolanus

BERLIN: Ralph Fiennes does not disappoint with his directorial debut of Shakespeare's Coriolanus. Indeed Fiennes' mastery of the Shakespearian material makes this look more like the work of an experienced…
15-02-2011 m

Cinema Admissions Rise Across CEE

Cinema admissions showed significant increases in several Central and East European countries in 2010, outperforming European territories overall. The most notable results were registered in Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, and Turkey.…

FNE at Berlinnale 2011: Competition The Prize

BERLIN: Polish cinematographer Wojciech Staron's lensing of competition entry The Prize (El Premio) with his extreme close-ups and somber images dominates this film and gives it a tension and a…
12-02-2011 m

FNE at Berlinale 2011: Cinema Total Unites Central European Neighbours

BERLIN: The 4th edition of Cinema Total running at the Berlinale promises to be a hot ticket for journalists and film industry professionals as the new team restructuring the Hungarian…

FNE - IDF DocBloc: Upcoming Production: Everything Is Possible

Wszystko jest możliwe, Poland, 52 min, Digi Beta, PortraitA cottage with a small garden at the edge of the village. Windows decorated with geraniums. The two elderly dwellers, Teresa and…

CNBC Moves into Baltics

Viasat Broadcasting, the leading satellite operator in the Baltics, has begun broadcasts of CNBC in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

FNE - IDF DocBloc: East Silver Films at Rotterdam

The upcoming International Film Festival in Rotterdam will present two films from the East Silver Market 2010 - the epic documentary about the life of the Romanian dictator The Autobiography…

EEFA Presents Projects in Berlin

Romanian based East European Film Alliance has selected three film projects to be presented during the Berlinale, representing Georgia, Croatia, and Germany. The three projects were awarded in the final…

FNE IDF DocBloc: East Silver TV Projects Attract Dutch, Polish Buyers

East Silver was recently approached by two European TV stations that showed interest in two titles from the market. One of them is the Dutch TV station HUMAN which acquired…

FESTIVALS: Poland, Hungary, Turkey win Berlinale Competition slots

Hungary, Poland and Turkey are among the 19 countries represented in the 22-film Berlinale competition line-up. The festival (www.berlinale.de) runs 10-20 February 2011.

FNE DocBloc: 15 Young By Young

Produced by Dzintars Dreibergs, Ilona Bicevska (Estonia, Latvia)Twenty years ago, the Soviet Union collapsed - the largest country in the world, the symbol of Communism. Fifteen republics that were part…

FESTIVALS: Cherkess Sweeps Monaco Fest Awards

The Jordanian film Cherkess won seven top awards at the Monaco International Film Festival, which concluded on 5 December 2010, including the festival's Angel Film Award for Best Film.

Cherkess Kick Starts Jordanian Film Industry

When the Royal Film Commission of Jordan wanted to put Jordan on the map both as an international shooting location and to open a window of opportunity for local filmmakers…
05-12-2010 m

FESTIVALS: Spotlight on Slovakia at Black Nights

The Black Nights film festival taking place in Tallinn (www.poff.ee) through 5 December 2010 is presenting a selection of five Slovak films from the Czechoslovak New Wave of 1960s in…