Romanian Public TV Finances Seven Films


BUCHAREST: The Romanian Television Society/Societatea Română de Televiziune (SRTv) will support the funding of seven feature films including the next features of Nae Caranfil, Florin Şerban and Igor Cobileanski.

According to the law, the Romanian public television has to contribute 15% of its revenues from advertising to the local film production. SRTv can give this money to the Film Fund or it can directly finance specific projects with up to half of the money due to the Film Fund.

According to Mediafax press agency the report of SRTv for 2013 includes a list of the projects which will receive direct funding: 6.9 on Richter by Nae Caranfil, Box by Florin Şerban, Eastern Business/Afacerea Est by Igor Cobileanski, The Piano/Pianul by Radu Gabrea, Poarta albă by Nicolae Mărgineanu, Ana by Alexa Visarion, and 2+2 by Thomas Ciulei.

Romanian Public TV financed some 80 features, short films, documentaries and animated films between 2006 and 2013, but most of the payments were delayed and further negotiations with independent producers managed to avoid lawsuits, says Mediafax.

SRTv had revenues of approximately 4.7 m EUR/20.9 m RON from advertisement in 2013, 19.47% less than in 2012. In 2013 the it had a profit of approximately 7 m EUR/3.17 m RON, but its historical debts rose to 176 m EUR/ 787.8 m RON.