PRODUCTION: Tarzan’s Testicles in Preproduction

Director Alexandru Solomon Director Alexandru Solomon

BUCHAREST: After receiving a production grant of 142,553 EUR/636,500 RON from the National Centre for Cinema on 9 April 2014, Alexandru Solomon’s new documentary is set to start shooting this summer.

Solomon began developing Tarzan's Testicles/Ouăle lui Tarzan through HiFilm Productions in 2012. Shooting was initially due to start in summer 2013, but it was delayed due to lack of funding from the Romanian side.

With the budget now reduced to 350,000 EUR, the project has attracted an international coproducer, Seppia, a production company based in Strasbourg, France. The project benefitted from a MEDIA development grant, and it has received a letter of intent from the sales agent Films Boutique.

In the feature documentary, Solomon will move from his usual Romanian topics to the Abkhazian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy, established in 1927, a renowned primatology center during the Communist era. His aim is to investigate the relationship between humans and monkeys many years after the Soviet Union’s collapse, in a “country that tries to reinvent itself" (as Abkhazia is doing today) where “the thin line between humanity and animality has been crossed during a savage civil war.”

Solomon told FNE that he had planned a different story, but he found many similarities between contemporary Abkhazia and the Romania of 15 years ago. He made three trips to Abkhazia and plans to start a 45 day shoot there in the summer of 2014 and continuing into winter. Life at the institute, the current research of the doctors and their aspirations against the background of the country’s present turmoil will be at the core of the filming.

A Romanian theatrical release in Romania and a TV release are planned. The film will have 90 minute and 52 minute versions. The premiere is set for 2016.

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Director: Alexandru Solomon
Script: Alexandru Solomon