PRODUCTION: Second Part of Witnesses Trilogy Wraps Shooting in Romania

Brutus by Costa Fam Brutus by Costa Fam

BUCHAREST: Costa Fam wrapped shooting for Brutus, the second part of his war trilogy Witnesses, with Alien Film providing services. The 90-minute trilogy will be released in 2016.

Witnesses consists of three short films offering a new perspective on WWII. The first part, Shoes, was shot in the Czech Republic. The second focuses on Brutus, a German Shepherd experiencing racial laws, human atrocities and cruelty. The screenplay written by Fam is based on a story by the Czech writer Ludvík Aškenazy. Giora Bejach (Lebanon) is the DoP. The cast includes Ukrainian and Russian actors such as Oksana Fandera and Philip Janowski, and also Romanian actors.

The US company Fish Corb Films is producing. Shooting started mid-August 2015 and took place on various locations in Romania for 14 days. Distribution deals with Russia and Ukraine have already been signed, representatives of Alien Film told FNE.

Production Information:
Alien Film
20 Arhiereu Calist
021513, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40 21 327 63 04
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Director: Costa Fam
DoP: Giora Bejach
Cast: Oksana Fandera, Philip Janowski, Anna Churina, Vladimir Koshevoy