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OBITUARY: Romanian Actor Ion Besoiu Featured

Ion Besoiu at the Gopo Gala 2011 Ion Besoiu at the Gopo Gala 2011 Photo by Adi Marineci

BUCHAREST: Romanian actor Ion Besoiu passed away on 18 January 2017 at the age of 85. He was one of the most popular Romanian film and stage actors.

In his long career he played in more than 80 feature films and TV series, including popular films made during the Communist era, such as Then I Sentenced Them All to Death / Atunci i-am condamnat pe toți la moarte (1972, Studioul Cinematografic Bucuresti) and Michael the Brave / Mihai Viteazul (1970, Romaniafilm, Studioul Cinematografic Bucuresti) by Sergiu Nicolaescu, and the popular TV series Toate pânzele sus! (1976) by Mircea Mureșan and Light and Shadows / Lumini și umbre (1981-1982) by Andrei Blaier, Mihai Constantinescu and Mircea Mureșan (both produced by the public television).

His career continued after the fall of Communism, when he worked with young directors such as Cătălin Mitulescu for Loverboy (2008, Strada film), and also with foreign directors such as Fanny Ardant for Ashes and Blood (2009).

One of his latest films is Dan Chișu's Bucharest NonStop / București NonStop (DaKINO Production), for which he was awarded best actor at the Love is Folly Film Festival in Varna, Bulgaria.

He received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his film career at the Gopo Gala in 2011.


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