Wedding in Basarabia moves into postproduction.

Written by FNE Staff
The romantic comedy Wedding in Basarabia, a Romanian/Moldovan/Luxembourg co-production by Napoleon Helmis, is now in postproduction.

The project was developed with the support of CineLink Sarajevo and was shot in 2008 in Kishinev, Republic of Moldova.

The film is a co-production between Mediana Communication- Romania, OWH TV Studio- Moldova and Donat Etienne- Luxembourg with the support of CNC Romania and PHARE- PreMedia Support.

The story centers on a newlywed couple expecting a baby, who don't have money to buy their own home. The pair decide to have a second marriage in her native Basarabia (the corner of Moldova where it borders Russia) where they could receive abundant presents of cash.

The second wedding becomes a competition between the two sides: Romanians and Bassarabians. Different customs, traditions, political backgrounds, points of reference and specific behaviours compete against each other. Caught in between, the groom and the bride soon to discover that their instincts, education and vanity emerging, and their love fading.

Production credits:

Production Company: Mediana Communication
Producer: Dan Ratiu
Co-producers: Virgiliu Margineanu, Donat Etienne
Associate Producers: Dan Burlac, Copel Moscu

Director/Script: Napoleon Helmis
Director of Photography: Silviu Stavila
Production and Costume Designer: Svetlana Mihailescu
Sound: Mihai Bogos
Assistant Director: Florina Petrescu
Editor: Corina Stavila
Original Music: Anatol Stefanet


Vlad: Vlad Logigan
Vica: Victoria Bobu
Valeriu: Igor Chistol
Gioni: Constantin Florescu

with: Viorica Geanta Chelbea, Corina Druc, Silvia Berova, Igor Caras, Ion Scutelnicu

Contact: Dan Ratium, Producer, Mediana Communication.
300048 Timisoara Romania
str. Paul Chinezu 5
fax. +40 256 221 484 , tel. +40 741 15 70 70
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
www.NuntaInBasarabia.ro (under construction)