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Megaplex and IMAX set to open in Romania

Iulia Blaga 2009-06-17

The first megaplex and IMAX in Romania, Cinema City Cotroceni with 21 theaters with 4,300 seats, is set to open in October.

The megaiplex will be equipped with Kinoton projectors, Dolby system and 3D.

The megaplex is located in AFI Palace Cotroceni, the biggest mall in Bucharest. The IMAX theatre is the first to be open in Romania.

Three VIP theaters with 30-50 seats and free unlimited buffet are another premiere for the local market.

Cinema City Romania has opened multiplexes in Iasi, Timişoara, Cluj and Bacău since 2007, and will open another one in Piteşti this summer. A second megaplex with 15 theaters will be opened by Cinema City Romania in Bucharest this year.

The company has already 72 theaters on the Romanian market and is the leading cinema operator in the country. Cinema City Romania is the local subsidiary of Cinema City International, the biggest multiplex operator in Central and Eastern Europe.

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