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PRODUCTION: Roxanne, By the Police in development

Iulia Blaga 2010-05-13

Valentin Hotea is developing his first feature, Roxanne, By the Police, the story of a man who finds out after reading his file from the communist secret services (the Securitate) that he might be the father of a high school collegue's child.

The script, written by Ileana Muntean and Valentin Hotea, is in its final draft. The film is produced by Ada Solomon and the Romanian company HiFilm ( The project received a Nipkow fellowship ( and was presented as the only non-Spanish project Foro de Coproduccion at San Sebastian (, and was at Connecting Cottbus (

The budget is 700,000 euro. The project will apply for a grant from the Romanian National Centre for Cinema ( Shooting will take place in the summer of 2011.

"What I found appealing in this story was the honesty of a tale about friendship, betrayal and courage, and also the very sensitive way of touching a delicate social and historical issue using a contemporary example that is more convincing than an entire recent history book," Solomon told FNE.

Production Information

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