UPC Romania adds new channels to portfolio

Written by Iulia Blaga

One of Romania's major cable companies, UPC (www.upc.ro), has launched six new channels, including one in HD. Starting Sept. 1, UPC, affiliated at Liberty Global Inc. (www.lgi.com), offers Discovery HD Showcase (www.discoveryhdshowcase.com), E! Entertainment (www.uk.eonline.com), TCM (www.tcm.com), Movies 24 (movies24.ro), Cartoon Network (www.cartoonnetwork.ro) and Jurnal TV (www.jurnaltv.md).

Discovery HD Showcase is available for subscribers already signed up for high-definition channels offered by UPC. The channel launched in Central Europe Jan. 15, replacing Discovery HD. High definition television was launched in Romania in October 2009 and soon became one of UPC's best-selling services.

Cartoon Network and TCM, both launched in Romania in 2009, shared the same channel till Sept. 1 but will now have their own 24-hour channels. Movies 24, a channel from NBC Universal (www.nbcuni.com), hit Romania in 2007, while E! Entertainment, owned by Comcast International Media Group (www.comcast.com ) went live in Romania in March 2009. Jurnal TV is the first news channel from Moldova with national coverage, launched in the spring 2010.

More than 250,000 viewers subscribe to digital cable television with UPC, which has more 1,178,000 customers nationwide.