FNE at TIFF Romanian Days: Bucharestless

Written by Iulia Blaga

Romanian director George Dorobanţu (Elevator) gets a spot in TIFF's Romanian Days with his second film, Bucharestless, a city-vérité conceptual movie shot in Bucharest.

{mosimage}With an outside-the-box cinematic perspective, a full-encompassing soundtrack, a sequential narrative approach and no dialogue, the film captures the contemporary spirit of Romania's capital city formerly known as Little Paris.

Dorobanţu is also the scriptwriter and the DOP. Alexandra M. Păun is producing together with Keep Movieng (www.KeepMovieng.com). The film is an independent production shot on miniDV / DVD / Betacam SP, and made with a budget of 1,500 euro.

George Dorobanţu made his first feature, Elevator, in 2008, an ultra-independent movie shot entirely in an elevator, two actors and with a budget of 200 euro. The film was awarded Fresh Generation Award at Fresh Film Fest in Karlovy Vary.

Production information:

Keep Movieng

7 Barbu Lautaru street, Constanta, Romania

Phone: +40 723 932 282

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Director: George Dorobanţu

Script: George Dorobanţu

DOP: George Dorobanţu