FNE at TIFF Romanian Film Days: Different Mothers

Written by Iulia Blaga

BUCHAREST: Different Mothers (Despre alte mame), the feature film debut from Mihai Ionescu and Tiberiu Iordan is based on a true story narrated by famed Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski in an interview: one night, when he was shooting a documentary with his team in a train station, the police interrupted them and asked the crew to show material which could help solve a case.

Different Mothers (www.desprealtemame.ro) follows a small film crew during a night of shooting in a train station. The directors say that the film's central topic is waiting and its different meanings.

The film is an independent production of GEF Art Film. It was shot in 2009 and premiered in Romania in November 2010, receiving the International Film Club's Federation Award at Moscow IFF 2010.

The script was writtten by Tiberiu Iordan, Silviu Geamănu and Mihai Ionescu. Tiberiu Iordan and Cristian Puşcaş were the DOP's. The cast includes Silviu Geamănu, Gavril Pătru, Marius Adrian Cordoş, Mihai Baranga and Robert Radoveneanu.

Production Information

GEF Art Film

41 Camil Ressu Avenue

Sector 3 Bucharest, Romania

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Directors: Mihai Ionescu and Tiberiu Iordan

Script: Tiberiu Iordan

Silviu Geamănu

Mihai Ionescu

DOP: Tiberiu Iordan

Cristian Puşcaş

Cast: Silviu Geamănu

Gavril Pătru

Marius Adrian Cordoş

Mihai Baranga

Robert Radoveneanu