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PRODUCTION: Katarina Mutić Completes the Way of the East Featured

Director Katarina Mutić Director Katarina Mutić

BELGRADE: Serbian newcomer Katarina Mutić has completed her first documentary, The Way of the East / Tako mi na Istoku. The film follows a fortune-teller and was supported by Film Center Serbia.

Desanka is a fortune-teller. How does the day pass for a person like her? How does her closest family live with her? And does she solve her own problems with the same ease as others people's problems? We might think that this is just easy money, but rarely do we entertain the fact that these fortune-tellers, witches or whatever we call them, have a life, a home, a family…

Milan Stojanović is producing through Serbia’s Sense Production in coproduction with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. With a budget of 65,000 EUR, the film benefitted from postproduction support from Film Center Serbia.

The Way of the East started off as an exam task for Katarina, but the story and Katarina’s work with the characters surpassed that framework by far, bringing extraordinary insight into the everyday life of an (extra)ordinary family in a remote Serbian village,” Stojanović said.

Shooting took place from June 2014 to August 2015. All 14 shooting days were spent on location in East Serbia. No distributor or sales agent is attached to the project yet. TV rights haven’t been bought yet and the premiere date has yet to be determined.

Production Information:

Sense Production
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Faculty of Dramatic Arts
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Director: Katarina Mutić
Scriptwriter: Katarina Mutić and Ivan Stančić
DOP.: Nemanja Veselinović