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FEST FORWARD Coproduction Market Announces Lineup


BELGRADE: Ten Serbian and ten foreign projects have been selected for the third edition of FEST FORWARD, the industry segment of the Belgrade International Film Festival – FEST, unspooling from 24 February to 5 March 2017.

The selected Serbian projects, which will be presented to both foreign and domestic producers, distributors, sales agents, festival representatives and film fund directors on 4 and 5 March 2017, are feature and documentary films in various stages of development. They will be presented within the framework of a two-day workshop organised by Film Center Serbia and run by Gabriele Brunnenmeyer, who also selected the projects. After the workshop, the producers and directors will present their projects during pitching sessions and one-on-one meetings with the guests of FEST FORWARD. The projects are vying for 4,000 EUR given by Film Center Serbia.

Foreign projects are part of the “Women in Film” lineup with a special focus on feature films and documentaries about women and/or directed by women. The ten projects were selected by Sarajevo Film Festival programmer, screenwriter and professor Elma Tataragić and are also competing for a 4,000 EUR award given by Film Center Serbia and the European Women’s Audiovisual Network.

The ten Serbian projects are:

Do Not Come Home, Documentary
Directed by Danilo Lazović and Miloš Ljubomirović

Domino Effect, Feature film
Directed by Radoslav Pavković

The Heroes Were Dancing, Feature film
Directed by Nikola Ljuca

So Help Us God, Feature film
Directed by Slobodan Šijan

Sonia, Documentary
Directed by Marta Popivoda

Aunts, Documentary
Directed by a group of directors

There Will Be Hell to Pay, Feature film
Directed by Gvozden Đurić

Trails of Chul, Feature film
Directed by Danilo Bećković

Ultra Munze Konza, Documentary
Directed by Jelena Maksimović and Dušan Grubin

Witch Hunters, Feature film
Directed by Raško Miljković
The ten foreign projects are:

The Black Wedding (Serbia), Documentary
Directed by Dragan Nikolić

Closed for Public (Croatia), Feature film
Directed by Vanja Sviličić

Forbidden Pilgrimage (Belgium, the Netherlands, France), Documentary
Directed by Ellen Vermeulen

Fortnight (Poland), Feature film
Directed by Agnieszka Woszczynska

From Space with Love (Bulgaria), Feature film
Directed by Yassen Genadiev

Sister (Macedonia), Feature film
Directed by Dina Duma

Son (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Feature film
Directed by Ines Tanović

Vesper Seeds (Lithuania), Feature film
Directed by Kristina Bouzyte and Bruno Samper

We Didn’t Talk About the End (Serbia), Feature film
Directed by Mina Đukić

Zenit (Germany, Austria, Serbia), Docu-fiction
Directed by Miona Bogović and Anna Hoffner