FESTIVALS: Bratislava IFF Upgrades Slovak, Industry Presence


    BRATISLAVA: The 14th Bratislava International Film Festival (www.iffbratislava.com) which opens on 9 November 2012 and runs through 15 November unveils a new Slovak competition section and increase services for industry professionals with the addition of a new festival center.

    Developed in cooperation with the Slovak Film Institute  (www.aic.sk), the traditional Made in Slovakia section will include a competition of full length feature and animated films that were released in Slovakia. The films screening in competition include Angels (dir. Róbert Šveda, www.filmanjeli.sk), Made in Ash (dir. Iveta Grófová, www.azdomestaas.com ), DONT STOP (dir. Richard Řeřicha, www.filmframe.sk), The Confidant (dir. Juraj Nvota, www.attackfilm.sk ), Dancing on Broken Glass (dir. Marek Ťapák, www.tanecmedzicrepinami.sk ), Tigers in the City (dir. Juraj Krasnohorský, www.tigrevmeste.sk ), In the Shadow (dir. David Ondříček, www.trigon-production.sk ) and Evil (dir. Peter Bebjak, www.dnaproduction.sk ).

    Made in Slovakia also presents a non-competitive showcase of Slovak documentaries and short films. Selected films include the documentaries Graduates (dir. Tomáš Krupa, www.indiegogo.com ), The Gypsy Vote (dir. Jaroslav Vojtek, www.mandalapictures.eu ), Fragile Identity (dir. Zuzana Piussi) and The Greatest Wish (dir. Olga Špátová, www.ceskatelevize.cz ), and the short films The Star (dir. Andrej Kolenčík), The Coat (dir. Peter Magát), student films I'm a Miner, Who's More? (dir. Roman Fabian), Momo (dir. Teodor Kuhn), The Pig Star (dir. Michael Angelov), Room 4024 (dir. Bruno Osif) and Closet Issues (dir. Katarína Hlinčíková).

    The programme of Made in Slovakia will be concentrated in the second half of the festival.