Slovakia Mulls State Bridge Loans for Films

    Martin Smatlak Martin Smatlak

    TRENCIANSKE TEPLICE: The Slovak Audiovisual Fund is consulting with the Ministry of Finance about the establishment of conditions to set up a short-term soft loan system for film production.

    AVF director Martin Smatlak told FNE the loans would be used to aid producers in overcoming cash flow problems created by waiting for expected or approved grants. AVF would be the “banker” for the loans.

    Smatlak said that such a system is now in place offering soft loans for cinema digitalisation at terms of 1% interest repayable over a three year period.

    “Ideally we would like to begin in 2015,” Smatlak said.

    The loans are expected to be relatively small amounts of money and would be available only for a few films. Successful candidate projects would have to already been selected for a grant from the Audiovisual Fund, which would be seen as a guarantee of the film’s completion. “Basically it would be a combination of a grant and a soft loan,” Smatlak explained.