PRODUCTION: Minac Preps Hybrid Fellini Comedy

PRODUCTION: Minac Preps Hybrid Fellini Comedy Matej Mináč. Source: Czech Ministry of Defence

KARLOVY VARY: Slovak director Matej Mináč in in preproduction with Never Give Up, a hybrid fiction/documentary comedy about a film that was never made.

Mináč told FNE, “In 1989 I did a two-hour interview with Fellini, but then the film got stopped because of the regime change.” Mináč employed legendary Slovak director and Fellini’s friend Juraj Jakubisko to send a letter requesting the interview. After the Velvet Revolution in November 1989, no one was interested in a documentary on an Italian filmmaker, and the project was dropped.

Until almost 25 years later, when Mináč decided to turn it into a feature film about the fiasco. The screenplay in being completed and shooting is expected in 2015 with completion in 2016.

The film will be produced by Patrik Pass for Trigon Production and Mináč’s production company W.I.P. The project received the Special Mention of the Trieste coproduction forum.

The 1.7 m EUR Slovak film is expected to be a coproduction with Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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