Russian Fairy Tale Rules the TOP 10 in Slovakia

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Christmas Kamenak by F.A. Brabec Christmas Kamenak by F.A. Brabec

Bratislava: A Russian movie for children, The Snow Queen 2, based on the classic fairy tale, is leading the TOP 10 of the last weekend in Slovak Cinemas.

With the 33,888 EUR in box office and 6,774 admissions in 61 cinemas during the first weekend, The Snow Queen 2, distributed by Itafilm took first place ahead of the Czech Christmas film Vanocni Kamenak / Christmas Kamenak, directed by F.A. Brabec and produced by Pavel Pasek and distributed by Indigo Film, (28 479,74 EUR box office, 5 638 admissions) in the second spot, and the French film The Little Prince (21 347,65 EUR box office, 4 770 admissions) in third place. All three films are Christmas or family film.

Tatiana Marčeková, representative of Itafilm spoke to FNE about the reasons for the film's success: "The new animated fairy tale Snow Queen 2 from Wizart Animation studio teases the audience by its quality animation and perfect 3D from the first view. The story is full of original characters such as the troll Orm or the cute little weasel Luta, which the children are already familiar with from the previous episode. The main characters are dubbed by top Slovak actors such as Táňa Pauhofová, Peter Sklár, Boris Farkaš, Gabriela Dzuríková and Jana Valocká."

The Snow Queen 2 is the first Russian film with this level of success in admissions and box office in the post-Communist era of Slovak theatrical distribution.

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