Slovak Audiovisual Fund Opens Call for Minority Animated TV Series

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BRATISLAVA: The Slovak Audiovisual Fund has approved opening its call for animation projects in 2017 to include TV projects, especially series, for both majority and minority Slovak coproductions.

Majority productions with a Slovak author or producer can apply for development and production support, which have a cap of 50,000 EUR for development and 1.2 m EUR for production.

The significant new element of offering funding to minority TV productions with minority Slovak coproduction was successfully lobbied for by the APAF (Slovak Association of Animated film Producers). Slovak minority coproductions can apply for up to 300,000 EUR if the project already has 60% of the funding in place.  

The decision was heralded by the Visegrad Animation Forum, a partnership and platform for the animation industry in Visegrad and CEE countries.

Michal Podhradský, the chairman of VAF, said, "During VAF meetings we understood that we need to bring up a practice and tools so it becomes far easier and more straightforward to coproduce within our region. We invited the heads of the national film funds from the CEE countries to discuss the possibility of harmonising different country-specific criteria. In some countries, the film funds were not even accepting TV series projects or were only supporting national majority projects focused on TV. This was the case for example in Slovakia. We are delighted by this great first move for easier cross boarder cooperation in our region.”