PRODUCTION: Juraj Jakubisko Starts Shooting Sequel to The Feather Fairy

    The Feather Fairy by Juraj Jakubisko (1985) The Feather Fairy by Juraj Jakubisko (1985)

    BRATISLAVA: Acclaimed Slovak director Juraj Jakubisko is currently shooting a sequel to his popular Christmas fairy tale The Feather Fairy / Perinbaba (1985) in the Slovak town of Kežmarok. Seven-legged Lucas / Sedmonohý Lukáš will revive Giulietta Masina, who played the Perinbaba, through digital technology.

    The sequel will start, where the previous film ended, in an old mill where a young couple, Alžbetka (Petra Vančíková) and Jakub (Tobias Hoesl), had their wedding. “Alžbetka gives her son Lukáš a medallion and sends him out in the world. The story is about his journey, the pursuit of happiness and love,” Jakubisko said to the local media.

    First scenes were shot in Kežmarok starting on 18 February 2017. “The town is marvellous and inspiring to us. Approximately 70% of the shooting will happen here, in Spiš County,” said Deana Jakubisková, wife of Juraj Jakubisko and director of J&J Jakubisko Film Europe Production. She also said that they plan to come back and shoot additional scenes in the town and its surroundings in the summer of 2017.

    Lukáš is played by young actor Lukáš Frlajs, who was chosen from among approximately 100 actors from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Giulietta Masina will reprise her role through digital technology. The same goes for another main actress from the first film, Valerie Kaplanová. “I will use modern digital technology to make a miracle for the audience. I will revive characters and their actors, as viewers loved them in the first story. Thus, the two immortal beings will truly become immortal,” Jakubisko also said. “The technology also allows me to put the film into a wider context. It will be made as well for young audience,” he added. Winter sequences are shot by cinematographer Ján Ďuriš.

    J&J Jakubisko Film Europe Production is producing through its Czech and Slovak branches. Slovak private channel TV JOJ is coproducing. Slovak Audiovisual Fund is supporting with a 15,000 EUR script development grant and also with a 100,000 EUR production grant. Czech State Cinematography Fund is contributing with a development grant of approximately 11,100 EUR (300,000 CZK) and with a production grant of approximately 222,000 EUR (6 m CZK).  According to the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the budget is approximately 3.5 m EUR.

    The beginning of the shooting of Seven-legged Lucas was firstly scheduled for 2016, but is was postponed due to unfavourable weather. The film could have the premiere by June 2018.

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    Director: Juraj Jakubisko
    Scriptwriter: Juraj Jakubisko
    DoP: Ján Ďuriš
    Cast: Lukáš Frlajs