PRODUCTION: Czech/Slovak Film Set in London in Development

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Made in Czechoslovakia by Jana Nemčeková Made in Czechoslovakia by Jana Nemčeková

BRATISLAVA: Slovak writer/director Jana Nemčeková is developing her debut feature film Made in Czechoslovakia as a Czech/Slovak coproduction.

The story of Made in Czechoslovakia is partially set in London. A young, pregnant stuntwoman discovers what led her mother to abandon her as a child. She finds out that her mother was a double agent and decides to forgive her for past wrongdoings on her deathbed in London. She realises that all the pain she is experiencing after loosing her mother allows her to grow and she stops fearing her own journey into motherhood.

„A slow tempo suits situations that would rather forego the presence of characters. A jungle tempo, that's how I envision Monika's short circuiting: running, sex, escape. By using montage that emphasized mise-en-scene, I undress both my characters and my actors. Monika is the code. I view her (emotional) development from a girl to a mature woman as a colorful transition from white to deep red. Seasons and the warmth of light associated with them are also visually helpful in capturing childhood moments (spring) and adulthood (Indian summer),“ Nemčeková said of the film.

The film has an estimated budget of 1,426,000 EUR with a shooting format of 4K. Made in Czechoslovakia is a coproduction of HITCHHIKER Cinema and Dawson Films.

The international crew will consist of British renowned film and television DoP Sam McCurdy and editor Anna Johnson Ryndová, who collaborated on Terry Gilliam’s The Brothers Grimm. Principal photography is planned for September 2019 and the final version is expected to be released in June 2020.

Nemčeková graduated from the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague earning her master's degree in film editing. She attended Greenwich University in London and Columbia University in New York as part of  exchange programs. In 2015, she wrote the TV series Life is so Single.

The project will be officially introduced at Pitch and Feedback at Karlovy Vary IFF.

Production Information:

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Director: Jana Nemčeková
Scriptwriter: Jana Nemčeková
DoP: Sam McCurdy
Editor: Anna Johnson Ryndová