PRODUCTION: Romanies Go To Elections in Production

Cathy Meils 2010-11-09

The Slovak/Czech documentary Romanies Go To Elections from one of the new Slovak documentary directing stars, Jaro Vojtek (Slovak Oscar candidate The Border), is currently in production with 50% of the filming completed and post-production set to begin in January 2011. The film is scheduled for a November 2011 premiere.

The documentary follows the life of Vlado Sendrei, the first Slovak Roma to run for election. It looks at his election campaign and desire to help his community in contrast with his dysfunctional family life.

The film, which was pitched at the East European Forum ( at the Jihlava documentary festival ( in late October, is budgeted at 120,000 euros. The film is produced by Tomas Kaminsky (Slovakia) of Mandala Pictures ( ) and Viktor Taus (Czech Republic) of Fog n Desire Films (

The production will apply for 60% support from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund ( The producers are in negotiations with coproducers and sales agents following the East European Pitching Forum.

Contact information:

Mandala Pictures

Marianska 18

900 31 Stupava, Slovakia

Fog n Desire Films

Voronezska 24

101 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic


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