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BRATISLAVA: Jan Hřebejk started shooting on a new feature film The Teacher on 8 August 2015. The premiere is planned for autumn 2016.
BRATISLAVA: Iveta Grófová has begun filming her second feature, a Slovak/Czech/Hungarian coproduction entitled She Is a Harbour. 
BRATISLAVA: The Slovak film distribution company Filmtopia has received a Distribution Support Award of the Cinema do Brasil programme for the release of two Brazilian films in Slovakia and the…
Documentary director Jan Gogola is in post-production with the 80-minute creative documentary Excursions.
BRATISLAVA: Czech New Wave director Jan Němec is in preproduction with his autobiographical filmThe Wolf of Royal Vineyard Street.
BRATISLAVA: The Slovak Audiovisual Fund has issued the first certificate for film project registration for a cash rebate of 20% for the Weinstein Company’s TV series Marco Polo Season 2.…
BRATISLAVA: Two Slovak films, Lokalfilmis and Seven Ravens/Sedem Zhavranelych Bratov have scored slots in the Slovak box office top ten in the same week, reaching number three and number five…
ŽILINA: Galina Miklinová is in production with The Oddsockeaters/Lichožrouti a 3D animated feature adaptation of Pavel Šrut’s bestseller. This Czech/Slovak coproduction is set to have its theatrical release in summer…
ŽILINA: Visual artist Jana Znášiková is wrapping development and will start the production of VIM and TOM / VIM a TOM, an animated TV series produced by Slovakia's Animoline. The…
TRENČIANSKE TEPLICE: Jayro Bustamante's debut feature Ixcanul won the Blue Angel Award at the 23th Art Film Fest (19-26 June 2015), the main film event in Slovakia. 
ŽILINA: We Can't Live Without Cosmos by Konstantin Bronzit has won the Anča Award at the 8th edition of Fest Anča International Animation Festival (24-28 June 2015). 
TRENČIANSKE TEPLICE: Martin Šmatlak, the head of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, and Anton Škreko, General Director of the Media, Audiovisual and Copyright Department of the Ministry of Culture of the…
ŽILINA: Slovak and Czech animation producers have urged public broadcasters to increase coproductions between Czech and Slovak public television and to increase the emphasis on regional cooperation as the only…
ŽILINA: Director Matej Holub and producer Dorota Holubova pitched their project, the animated TV series Slovak Dumplings/Haluskovo Slovensko at the 2nd edition of the Pitching Forum within the 8th Fest…
TRENCIANSKE TEPLICE: Patrik Pass from Trigon Production, one of the leading Slovak producers, is currently in postproduction with a debut feature, a docudrama and a TV series. 
TRENČIANSKE TEPLICE: Slovakia’s ARINA production company is in preparation with the family adventure film Journey of Blind Birds. The project which has no director attached yet and was presented at…
TRENCIANSKE TEPLICE: A new Slovak Strategy for Development of the Audiovisual Culture and Industry 2016-2020 is set to be sent to the Slovak government for approval by the end of…
BRATISLAVA: Promising Slovak director Vladimír Mičúch, known as Aramisova has died on 19 June 2015. He was 42-years old.
TRENCIANSKE TEPLICE/TRENCIN: The 6th edition of MIDPOINT Script Development Workshops for feature films and short films will have its first part at the 23rd Art Film Fest (19-26 June 2015).
ŽILINA: The 8th Fest Anča International Animation Festival is ready to start with several competitions for short films from 24 to 28 June 2015.


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