FNE at Portoroz Slovenian FF 2013: Singing the Adria Blues

"Adria Blues", dir. Miroslav Mandić "Adria Blues", dir. Miroslav Mandić

PORTOROZ: The story of a certain generation revolving around Toni Riff, the former Yugoslav rock star from the 80s who came to Slovenia during the Balkan war to marry his fan Sonja, screens with Adria Blues at the 16th Portoroz fest.

It has been two decades and he still hasn’t moved from a deadlock he found himself in, supported by his wife, who works on a phone sex hotline, while he spends his days playing Tetris. When Maks, one of Sonja’s regular customers, finds out about her husband he offers to organize a concert with him as the main attraction in one of his hotels by the coast. Seeing this as a way to get him out of his funk, his devoted wife manages to convince Toni to spend a weekend at the coast, not mentioning the concert. Complications follow when he is horrified to arrive at the hotel and see posters inviting people to the concert.

Blues was written and directed by a veteran Bosnian filmmaker Miroslav Mandić who, among others, also helmed the cult television show Surrealists. The film was produced by Gustav Film (www.gustavfilm.si) in co-production with Filmostovje, SCCA and Propeler Film. Its expected budget was 940,580 EUR, 600,000 EUR of which was contributed by the Slovenian Film Center.

Production information

Production company: Gustav Film
Co-Producers: Filmostovje, SCCA, Propeler Film
Co-funding: Slovenian Film Center
Director: Miroslav Mandić
Screenwriter: Miroslav Mandić
Producers: Frenk Celarc, Miroslav Mandić, Ida Weiss
DoP: Jure Černec
Editor: Stanko Kostanjevec
Music: Aldo Kumar
Sound design: Samir Fočo
Set designer: Matjaž Pavlovec
Costume designer: Emil Cerar
Makeup: Alenka Nahtigal
Cast: Senad Bašić, Mojca Funkl, Peter Musevski, Gregor Zorc, Iva Babič, Maja Taraniš, Franjo Dijak, Branko Završan, Lotos Šparovec, Nataša, Tič Ralijan, Jernej Čampelj, Inti Šraj, Valentina Plaskan