FNE at Portoroz Slovenian FF 2013: Seeking a Home with Seduce Me

Seduce me, dir. Marko Šantić Seduce me, dir. Marko Šantić

PORTOROZ: The protagonist of this Slovenian love story, written and edited by Marko Šantić, is 19-year old Luka, who is leaving the orphanage where he has spent his last 9 years after his mother and relatives abandoned him. His greatest wish is to visit the grave of his father, who died when he was still very young.

He gets a job in a factory where he meets Ajda, an energetic and happy-go-lucky girl, and falls for her. Full of new energy and plans, he gathers courage to face his mother, which leads to a shocking discovery – his father is apparently still alive. Shaken, he seeks refuge with Ajda, but soon finds out that she too has a dark secret.

The romantic drama is both an intimate study of relationships and bonds among people and a portrait of a young generation that is expected to act adult and be responsible, although it has never been allowed and offered support in processing all the fears and insecurities of growing up.

The film was produced by RTV Slovenija in co-production with NuFrame with a budget of €580,000.

Production information:

Production Company: RTV Slovenija
Co-Producers: with NuFrame
Director: Marko Šantić
Screenwriter: Marko Šantić
Director of Photography: Marko Kočevar
Film Editor: Jurij Moškon
Music: Davor Herceg
Sound Design: Marjan Drobnič
Sound Recordist: Samo Kozlevčar
Set Designer: Marco Juratovec
Costume Designer: Marko Jenko
Make up: Anže Košir
Cast: Janko Mandić, Nina Rakovec, Dario Varga, Primož Pirnat, Peter Musevski, Nataša Barbara Gračner, Gregor Zorc, Ljerka Belak