PRODUCTION: Slovenian Horror Film Idyll Goes into Production

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LJUBLJANA: Idyll, a Slovenian horror feature film, began shooting already started on 21 June 2014.

The film is produced by the Slovenian production company Blade Production with financial support from the Slovenian Film Centre.

Producer Zoran Dževerdanović said Idyll has a budget of around 420,000 EUR. Approximately half of the amount, 215,000 EUR is provided by the Slovenian Film Centre, and VIBA production facilities is contributing another 70,000 EUF in technical services. Blade Production House is specializes in full-service production and post-production services for commercial ads, theatre video recordings, presentation films, television broadcasting and dance video.

Idyll is set in an idyllic Slovenian landscape. After partying all night fashion model Zina goes on fashion photography show in an unspoilt natural locales with three friends: the ambitious Mia, the apathetic Dragica and the snobbish photographer Blitcz. There they meet wacky locals but don’t pay any attention to them at first; however after a brutal attack this turns out to be a big mistake.

Idyll is the first feature film by Slovenian director Tomaž Gorkič whose previous credits include short films. The cast includes the well-known Slovenian theatre actress Nina Ivanišin, a member of Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana since 2009, who appeared in feature films Slovenka/Slovenian Girl by Damjan Kozole and Piran–Pirano by Goran Vojnovič. Sebastian Cavazza, Lotos Vincenc Šparovec and a newcomer Nika Rozman play the other main roles.

The film is expected to start festival distribution in January 2015

Production Credits:
Production Company: Blade production
Co-Producers: Strup Produkcija
Co-funding: Slovenian Film Center
Technical Support: Viba Film, Fotoformat
Director: Tomaž Gorkič
Screenwriter: Tomaž Gorkič
Producer: Zoran Dževerdanović
Director of Photography: Nejc Saje
Production Designer: Gregor Nartnik
Costume Designer: Sanja Grcič
Make up:  Sendy Kumalakanta
Cast:  Nina Ivanišin, Sebastian Cavazza, Lotos Vincenc Šparovec, Nika Rozman, Jurij Drevenšek, Manca Ogorevc, Damjana Černe, Damir Leventi