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FNE at Potoroz 2014: Driving School Featured

Driving School by Janez Burger Driving School by Janez Burger

LJUBLJANA: Janez Burger’s Driving School is among the eight Slovenian films that will compete at the 17th Slovenian Film Festival taking place in the coastal town of Potoroz 10-14 Septermber 2014.

The film produced by Slovenian Public TV with the budget of 577.090 euros, is a tense drama dealing with the issues of Slovenia’s new class of tycoons. One such newly minted tycoon Robert has no scruples about taking over a plot of land to build a modern shopping centre. The only two obstacles standing in his way are a driving school headquartered there, and his daughter Lija, who wants to take driving lessons from the same company despite her father’s opposition. As a counterbalance to the gripping events of the ruthlessness of the world, the plot is dotted with warm personal relationships.

Production Credits:

Radiotelevizija Slovenia, Drama Department
Editor : Jani Virk
Producer : Mateja Erika Smisl

Executive Producer: Janez Pirc
Director: Janez Burger
Screenwriter: Janez Burger, Ana Lasić
Director of Photography: Jure Černec
Composer: Drago Ivanuša
Film Editor: Miloš Kalusek
Sound Designer: Robert Sršen
Art Direction: Vasja Kokalj
Costume Designer: Jerneja Jambrel
Make up: Anže Košir
Cast: Gregor Čušin, Maruša Majer, Vesna Pernarčič, Ivo Ban, Matjaž Tribušon, Vlado Novak, Vladimir Vlaškalić, Gregor Zorc, Luka Cimprič



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