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General Assembly of the FERA Urges EU to Enact Five Point Action Plan Featured


LJUBLJANA: Delegates meeting at the General Assembly of the Federation of European Film Directors (FERA) called on members of the European Commission and Parliament to enact FERA’s five point action plan as part of the Digital Single Market initiative.

FERA’s recent policy paper, To Build a Single Market, Invest in Directors, argues that the Digital Single Market and Copyright Reform initiative cannot be completed without action on the status and remuneration of directors. As an example of why change is necessary, delegates were presented with the conclusions of a report by the Assembly’s hosts, the Slovenian Directors’ Guild, that some Slovenian directors are working 16 hour days without additional remuneration, equivalent to a rate which is below the Slovenian minimum wage.

FERA’s newly elected Chair, British Director Dan Clifton, said: “Directors across Europe welcome the recognition by the Commission that fair remuneration of creators is crucial to growing the Digital Single Market.” FERA’s newly-elected Executive Committee now looks forward to collaborating with the Commission and European Parliament to bring forward firm legislative proposals to make fair remuneration a concrete reality for European film and television directors. FERA’s 2015 General Assembly was organised in partnership with the Slovenian Film Center.

Click HERE to read FERA's action plan



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