PRODUCTION: Slovenian/Croatian Corporation Starts Filming in Slovenia

Corporation by Matej Nahtigal Corporation by Matej Nahtigal photo: Lignit film

LJUBLJANA: Corporation, the second feature film from director Matej Nahtigal, began filming on 9 November 2018. A 30-day shooting schedule is planned, ending on 23 December.

The film is a crime story inspired by neo-noir and 1970’s thrillers, about a criminal investigator looking into a business deal involving government authorities that are trying to evict residents from one part of the city so that a large corporation can build a new complex there.

The film received a grant of 460,000 EUR from the Slovenian Film Center in September 2017. It is produced by Lignit Film and coproduced by the Slovenian TV and Croatia’s Jaako dobra produkcija, a company specialising in coproduction founded by Sinisa Juricic. 

The producers are working with a crew from Macedonia and Finland, as well as Croatia. The release is planned for 2019.

Production information:

Lignit Film (Slovenia)

Corporation by Matej Nahtigal, photo: Lignit filmCoproducers:
Slovenian Radio and TV
Jaako dobra produkcija (Croatia)

Supported by the Slovenian Film Center

Director: Matej Nahtigal
Screenwriter: Zoran Benčič
DoP: J. P. Passi