Landscape No. 2 wins Portoroz top prize

Written by FNE Staff
Vinko Moedendorfer's second feature film, Landscape No. 2, won the Vesna best film award at the 11th Slovenian Film Festival held in the resort town of Portoroz.

The film, which debuted at the Venice film festival, also won the best director prize for Moedendorfer. In addition, Landscape No. 2 collected awards for Maja Martina Merljak as best supporting actress, Dusko Milavec for best set design, Dusan Joksimovic for best cinematography, and Borut Krzisnik for best original score.

The festival, which held its closing awards ceremony on October 28, screened 41 Slovenian films and co-productions. Sixteen films were shown in the main feature film competition.

Director Jan Cvitkovic won a Vesna award for his short film I Know. Other prizes went to Summer Hit, which won a best screenplay award for director Metod Pevec and writer Feri Lainscke, and a best supporting actor award for Bojan Emersic. Best actress went to Marjuta Slamic in Damjan Kozole's Forever.

A jury of film critics gave its prize to Life, directed by Vito Taufer.

A complete list of awards follows:

Metod Badjura Award for Life's Work: Milan Ljubić

The Vesna Award:

  • best full-lengt film: Pokrajina Št.2 (Landscape No.2)
  • best director: Vinko Möderndorfer for film Pokrajina Št.2 (Landscape No.2)
  • best short film: Jan Cvitkovič for film Vem (I Know)
  • best screenplay: Feri Lainšček and Metod Pevec for film Hit poletja (Summer Hit)
  • best actress in a leading role: Marjuta Slamič for role in film Za vedno (Forever)
  • best actor in a leading role: Evgen Car for role in film Vučko (Wolfy)
  • best actress in a supporting role: Maja Martina Merljak for role in film Pokrajina Št.2 (Landscape No.2)
  • best actor in a supporting role: Bojan Emeršič for role in film Hit poletja (Summer Hit)
  • best editing: Jurij Moškon for film Za vedno (Forever)
  • best production design: Duško Milavec for film Pokrajina Št.2 (Landscape No.2)
  • best animation: Dušan Kastelic for film Čikorja an` kafe (Chicory `n` Coffee)
  • best make-up: Alenka Nahtigal for film Sonja (Sonia)
  • best cinematography: Dušan Joksimović for film Pokrajina Št.2 (Landscape No.2)
  • best film music: Borut Kržišnik for film Pokrajina Št.2 (Landscape No.2)
  • extraordinary achievements: Alvaro Petricig for film Mala apokalipsa (Minor Apocalypse)

Stop Magazine Award for Best Actress: Marjuta Slamič for role in film Za vedno (Forever

Stop Magazine Award for Best Actor: Renato Jenček for role in film Lajf (Life)

Kodak Award for Best Cinematography: Simon Tanšek for film Ljubezen in drugi zločini (Love and Other Crimes

World of Movie Award for Best Student Film: Matevž Luzar for film Vučko (Wolfy)

The Audience Award: Prehod (Transition)

The Slovenian Film Critics' Association Award: Lajf (Life)