First Slovenian daily TV serial debuts

Written by Matevz Rudolf
Public TV station RTV Slovenia (www.rtvslo.si) has premiered the first Slovenian daily TV serial, Passions.

Active ImageRTV plans 110 episodes of 30 minutes, shown in prime time just before TV news. The serial is similar to popular South American TV novellas, but set in typical Slovenian environment filled with emotions, love affairs and revenge.

RTV Slovenia hopes the serial will strengthen ratings of its TV news, which faces strong competition from commercial TV station Pop TV (http://24ur.com/). Ten years ago CME station Pop TV presented the telenovella Esmeralda to Slovenian viewers with great success, and continued a strategy of presenting telenovelas just before their own TV news.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research 6.4% of the Slovenian population (124,600 viewers) saw the first episode of the serial, a 1.6% ratings increase over the average for this time slot. RTV Slovenia seems satisfied with ratings and are waiting to see if Slovenian viewers will choose Slovenian over foreign telenovellas. Currently showing on commercial TV are the Mexican telenovela Fire in the Blood and the new Columbian telenovela Victoria.

Active ImageSerial is produced by production company VPK (www.vpk.si). The main author and screenwriter is TV director Jure Pervanje, who is works with four directors: Bostjan Vrhovec, Bostjan Masera, Anton Tomasic and Boris Jurjasevic.

Unlike the imported telenovelas, Passions is also counting on two popular local TV actors. Katarina Cas and Jonas Znidarsic, to act as a "marketing magnet" for Slovenian viewers.

Strasti (Passions) credits:

Production Company: VPK d.o.o. (www.vpk.si)

Co-production Company: RTV Slovenia (www.rtvslo.si)

Directors: Anton Tomasic, Bostjan Vrhovec, Bostjan Masera, Boris Jurjasevic

Producer: Tomaz Lehpamer
Screenwriter: Jure Pervanje
Storyliner: Marko Radmilovic
Director of Photography: Mario Sablic
Music: Vojko Sfiligoj


Jaka Car - Joze Vunsek
Nika Car - Ajda Smrekar
Gaber Car - Miha Rodman
Ana - Katarina Cas
Pia - Inti Sraj
Dr. Vasja - Jonas Znidarsic