Šterk’s Offside in postproduction

By Matevz Rudolf

Igor Šterk (Ljubljana, Tuning, and Ekspres, Ekspres) has moved into post-production with Offside, with plans for a national premiere at the 12th Festival of Slovenian film in autumn 2009.

German-French co-producer ZDF Arte came on board early in the production process. "Obviously the script attracted people abroad. Their support was very important because I can make the movie the way I wanted - choosing specific location and exceptional actors such as Igor Samobor, Silva Čusin, Labina Mitovska, Jana Zupancič, Gregor Bakovič and Pavle Ravnohrib," Šterk said. The film was shot in Ljubljana and along the Croatian coast.

The story concerns a police inspector investigating an unusual case - the suspicious death of a man -- who develops an obsession with the case when he realizes it was suicide. He moves into the deceased man's apartment, digging through his life, getting involved with people who knew the dead man, and gradually taking over his identity. Šterk stated, "This is a film that starts as a police thriller and then continues as an intimate thriller -- a film where death is waiting to happen."


Production Company: A.A.C. Productions (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Co-production Company: Gustav Film (www.gustavfilm.si), Mogador Film, TV Slovenia (www.rtvslo.si), ZDF/ARTE (www.zdf-enterprises.de)

Co-funding: Slovenian Film Fund (www.film-sklad.si), ZDF/ARTE (www.zdf-enterprises.de), MEDIA development (www.mediadevelopment.com)

Director: Igor Šterk

Screenwriter: Igor Šterk, Siniša Dragin

Co-producer: Igor Šterk, Frenk Celarc, Christoph Thoke, Alexander Bohr

Production Manager: Petra Vidmar

Director of Photography: Simon Tanšek

Music: TBA

Film Editor: Petar Marković

Set Designer: Nataša Rogelj

Costume Designer: Katja Rosa

Sound Re-recording Mixer: Julij Zornik

Sound Recordist: Peter Žerovnik

Makeup Artist: Gabrijela Fleischman


Igor Samobor

Labina Mitevska

Silva Čušin

Pavle Ravnohrib

Gregor Baković

Jana Zupančič