Telekom Slovenije launches internet TV

Written by Matevz Rudolf
Slovenia's largest telecommunication company Telekom Slovenije (www.telekom.si) launched the interactive service Siol IO (io.siol.net), an interactive service providing TV via computer internet, on April 22.

User need only 1Mbit/s internet connection.

Siol IO offers 12 channels in Beta version: Info TV, Šport TV1, Šport TV2, Baby TV, Klik TV, Travel Channel, Čarli TV, Golica TV, Trace TV, Croatian Music Channel, and TV Hayat. Service is free for users, but due to copyright law service is restricted to Slovenian users only. After June 2009, other channels will be added, but users will be charged for the service. The company also plans to provide on-demand videos including music videos, HD videos and live cameras positioned in various places.

Telekom claims that this service is one of the first of its kind in Europe. According to the company's data, there were 100,000 Siol IO users on first day, most of them watching a football match.