Court of Audit Finds Faults at Slovenian Film Fund

Written by Matevz Rudolf
The president of the Slovenian Court of Audit announced that the court has found several flaws in the implementation of the 2007 program of the Slovenian Film Fund.

The revision actually focused on period from 28 of July 28, 2006 until May 31, 2008, during which period the Film Fund had three different acting managers. The court found more than €1.7 million in irregularities. Most of that sum was connected with funding various film projects.

As the audit pointed out, some of the films were supported even though they did not meet public tender conditions. Three other films were funded out of public tender frame on a so-called "exceptional financing sheme" and received around €800,000 .

Many Slovenian film producers tried to draw attention to problems with the Slovenian Film Fund in the past, but without success. The audit stated that part of responsibilities for this situation falls on the Ministry of Culture for not supervising the film fund program.

Vasko Simoniti, former minister of culture, stated that Court of Audit's report has no other purpose than to political discredit the former government. He said, "The Court of Audit investigated the period when the Film Fund tried to operate normally after serial years of problems in this public institution. We have explained this many times in public and also to the Court of Audit."

The Slovenian Film Fund (www.film-sklad.si) and the Ministry of Culture (www.mk.gov.si) have 90 day to respond to the report and its proposals.