Industry Days – Crucial, informative and exciting debates for the industry @ PÖFF

This year's Industry Days, to be held between 29-30 November as part of the Black Market, are shaping up to provide some crucial and informative debates about the different strategies and film industry models implemented across the world. We'll be welcoming some special guests, amongst them the British Film Insitute's Amanda Nevill, Simon Perry who has more than five years experience working at the Irish Film Board and Henning Camre, President of the Think Tank on European Film and Film Policy, as well as top industry professionals from Korea and Japan, who will discuss just how the film industry is adapting in light of the changing world economy.

Panel From Zero to Hero will explore film policies and politics, examining how some countries manage to build up a sustainable body of industry support whilst others struggle in light of the global crisis. We'll discuss ways in which film instructions have been set up in various countries and attempt to learn the different ways in which they benefit their national industries whilst also discovering some of the pitfalls. Crucial Commissions will examine the role of Film Commissions as drivers of local film and cultural industries from Europe to Asia. Topics to be covered include how film can be of an enormous benefit to a nation's cultural and financial economy and the massive impact that having your country as a popular destination for filming can have.

So come and take part in these panels and many more as they will prove to be an enormously informative and useful source of information at a time when the status of many film structures that we know are uncertain.

For more information on the Industry Days visit http://market.poff.ee/est/industryday