Jussi Awards

Jussi Awards

The winners of Jussi Awards (“Finnish Oscars”) were announced in a
gala in Helsinki on January 29th , 2012.

The highest amount of Jussi Awards (six) went to Le Havre by Aki Kaurismäki.

Jussi Awards are annual film awards for the best achievements within
Finnish cinema. The awards are given by Filmiaura, an association of
Finnish film professionals. The Jussi Awards cover altogether 14
categories: best film, direction, actress in a leading role, actor in
a leading role, actress in a supporting role, actor in a supporting
role, script, cinematography, music, editing, sound design, set
design, costume design and documentary. The first Jussi Awards were
given in 1944.


Best film

Le Havre / producer Aki Kaurismäki

Best direction

Le Havre / director Aki Kaurimäki

Best actor in a leading role

Silence (Hiljaisuus) / Joonas Saartamo

Best actress in a leading role

The Good Son (Hyvä poika) / Elina Knihtilä

Best actor in a supporting role

Silence (Hiljaisuus) / Ilkka Heiskanen

Best actress in a supporting role

Le Havre / Elina Salo

Best script

Le Havre / Aki Kaurismäki

Best cinematography

Le Havre / Timo Salminen

Best music

Silence (Hiljaisuus) / Timo Hietala

Best sound design

Silence (Hiljaisuus) / Olli Huhtanen and Pietari Koskinen

Best editing

Le Havre / Timo Linnasalo

Best set design

Hella W / Kari Kankaanpää

Best costume design

Hella W / Anu Pirilä

Best documentary

Forever Yours (Ikuisesti sinun) / director Mia Halme

Conrete Jussi (life achievement award)

Elina Salo

Audience Award

The Storage by Taru Mäkelä

Kati Nuora

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