The first session of DRAGON FORUM 2012 is finished!

    The first „script” session of InternationalAcademy of Document – Dragon Forum 2012 is finished!

    25 directors and producers from 7 countries presented 14 documentary film projects on the first session of The International Academy of Document, which took place in Warsaw on 24th – 27th of January. The session was dedicated to the work on scripts and was the first opportunity for this year Dragon Forum participants to know each other. Further session, which will be concentrated on the realization of the projects from the production side, will take place in the second half of April.

    During the first session of Dragon Forum 2012 open to the public documentary film screenings were organized. This screenings attracted wide interest of the audience. Within 3 evening screenings you could watch films, production of witch was connected to Dragon Forum and to meet their authors as well as people from the production crew. „Invisible Strings – Talented Pusker Sisters” was the film which took part in Dragon Forum in 2009, was produced by HBO Poland. Screening’s special guest was Agnieszka Niburska from the HBO Poland promotion department. There was also a screening of “Crulic – The Path to Beyond”, made by Romanian director Anca Damian, which was also Dragon Forum participant in 2009. Arkadiusz Wojnarowski, from Magellan Film Foundation – Polish co-producer and distributor of the film, spoke about the backstage of its production. The last evening the first episode of the documentary series „Farewell Comrades!” was shown as well as presentation of the associated interactive website. The film is devoted to the collapse of the Soviet empire. German producer Georg Tshurtshenthaler from the company Gebrueder Beetz spoke about that unique trans-media project that has been realized in 12 European countries.

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