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Filip Remunda gives Film lecture on the Internet

Want to know how famous and controversial films like Czech Dream and Czech Peace were made? Do you want to to see all the films directed by Filip Remunda? All this available inunique series of lectures by leading European documentary filmmakers called Home Masterclasses - first one is dedicated to the director and producer Filip Remunda.
The online event is free of charge from Monday, the 26th March on the portal DAFilms.com. Moreover, DAFilms visitors have the unique opportunity to watch practically all of Remunda’s films online.

Filip Remunda (1973) is one of the most remarkable representatives of contemporary Czech documentary film. He has influenced the Czech documentary both as director and producer. He graduated from the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague in documentary film. During his studies, he has been to study stays at the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem and the Zellig Film School in Bolzano. At FAMU, he met director and cameraman Vít Klusák with whom he made two successful features;Czech Dream and Czech Peace; The two films by the filmmaking duo were well received abroad, primarily in the United States. Czech Dream was the first Czech documentary to enter American theatrical distribution; while Czech Peace was personally introduced by American filmmaker Michael Moore at the Taverse City Film Festival 2010. Moore has said about the film that it was “one of the best documentaries he has seen in the last year“.

Filip Remunda has directed a dozen of documentary films and received a number of awards, including the best Czech documentary award at Karlovy Vary IFF (Village B), the best Czech documentary award at Jihlava IDFF (Czech Dream), the Pavel Koutecký Award (The Tadpole, the Rabbit and the Holy Ghost), the Grand Prix DMZ Docs South Korea (Czech Peace) and others. In his Master Class, he introduces his documentary method, the background of the making of his films as well as his perspective of the specifics of Czech documentary in European context.