goEast Young Screen
The Festival Programme for Children and Adolescents

The twelfth edition of goEast – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film from the 18th until the 24th of April, hosted by Deutsches Filminstitut, offers a special programme for the young audience. Besides the films screened during the goEast School Film Days, the FSK (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft) supplied ratings for three other films of the 2012 programme. Thus also children and adolescents can attend the screenings.

The ninth goEast School Film Days present two days of Central and Eastern European cinema for children and adolescents from Wiesbaden and the surrounding area, in collaboration with the International Children’s Film Festival LUCAS. Pupils are offered a chance to experience the culture of our Eastern neighbours in a special setting. The central focus is on a critical approach to the medium of film in combination with the unique atmosphere of a festival. For primary schools goEast presents the most recent film by Jan Svěrák, KOOKY (Chzech Republic 2010), a Czech puppet animation. For secondary schools the School Film Days feature the widely awarded Polish Japanese co-production TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER (Director: Dorota Kędzierzawska, 2010).
Both films take their audience into a world of challenge and adventure: be it the tale of the small, red teddy Kooky, who comes to life and takes his fate into his own hands, or the story of the three street kids Lyapa, Vasja and Petya, who travel on their own from Russia to Poland, where they hope to find a better life. The School Film Days offer classes an exciting cinematic experience and encourage them to engage in a considerate analysis of the films via introductions and post-viewing discussions.

For the first time goEast will screen films from the competition and the section Beyond Belonging with FSK ratings. AVÉ (Director: Konstantin Bojanov, Bulgaria 2011) and GAMER (Director: Oleg Sentsov, Ukraine 2011), which are part of the Competition, as well as SHELTER (Director: Dragomir Sholev, Bulgaria 2010) of the Beyond Belonging section, are rated suitable for children age 12 and up. The films themselves led to the decision to request a rating from FSK; an obvious choice, given their focus on topics and conflicts that are particularly interesting to young people. The issues covered range from opposition to the attitudes and values of parents, first love, to coping with drug addiction and suicide. The young protagonists see themselves confronted with a variety of problems, and at the same time they are engaged in an inner conflict, locked between childhood and adult life.
The directors do not use the protagonists to make a statement, but instead leave room for the young audience to draw their own conclusions. The depiction of different youth cultures, from gamers to punks to emos, allows com-parisons between youth cultures in East and West. The three films show that these issues and move-ments have a transnational validity.

goEast Young Screen is aimed at children and adolescents and seeks to inspire them to go to the cinema and to approach films, as well as their contents, with a critical attitude. Further information about the films can be found in the printed goEast programme, which is available for free in select locations and also as a download from the goEast website.
Ticket pre-sales start Monday, the 2nd of April 2012, through Wiesbaden Tourist Information (phone +49 611 172 9780) and Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt (phone +49 69 961 220 220). Interested classes can register for the School Film Days until the 16th of April by contacting Hanna Krüger (phone +49 (0) 611 236 843 0 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

goEast – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film is supported by various partners:
The main sponsors are the Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts, the State Capital Wiesbaden, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future”, ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland, the BHF-BANK Foundation, the Sparkassen-Kulturstiftung Hessen-Thüringen, and Nassauische Sparkasse.

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goEast Young Screen – Film Programme Overview

goEast School Film Days at Caligari FilmBühne
19.04. / 9 am, original with German subtitles
Director: Dorota Kędzierzawska / Poland, Japan 2010, 118m
For children age 6 (goEast suggests age 10), suitable for secondary school classes

20.04. / 9 am, original with German voiceover
Director: Jan Svěr‡k / Czech Republic 2010, 95m
No age restriction (goEast suggests age 6), suitable for primary school classes

Young Cinema, Age 12:
Caligari FilmBühne: 19.04. / 6 pm, original with English and German subtitles
Director: Oleg Sentsov / Ukraine 2011 / 92m, HDCAM / DCP, colour
Further screenings:
Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt/Main, 20.04. / 6 pm
Alpha Kino Wiesbaden, 21.04. / 8 pm, both original with English subtitles

Caligari FilmBühne: 20.04. / 8 pm, original with English and German subtitles
Director: Konstantin Bojanov / Bulgaria 2011 / 86m, 35mm, colour
Further screenings:
Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt/Main, 21.04. / 6 pm
Alpha Kino Wiesbaden, 22.04. / 6 pm, both original with English subtitles

Alpha Kino Wiesbaden: 20.04. / 6 pm, original with English subtitles
Director: Dragomir Sholev / Bulgaria 2010 / 88m, 35mm, colour