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Estonia is celebratin​g the 100th birthday of Estonian Film

Press releases 2012-05-02


Estonian Film 100

Estonian Filmwill celebrate its 100th birthday on 30 April 2012. In order tohonour this special event, the spectacular Estonian Film Celebration of theCentury will take place in Tartu, the birthplace of Estonian filmmaking. Therewill be a live broadcast of the anniversary celebrations on the EstonianNational Television. At the event, the most beloved Estonian feature film ofall times will be announced, music from classic Estonian films will beperformed and film awards will be presented. The awards are untraditional –instead of referring to the cinematic highlights of the previous year, theawards point out the peak moments of Estonian film during the last 100 years ina humorous way: amongst other awards, the most dazzling film stars, the bestpieces of film music and the funniest film quotes of the century will beannounced.

The nomineesof the film awards:


The eventwill take place on Monday, 30 April at Dorpat Convention Centre and CinamonCinema in Tartu. Doors will open at 18:30.

30 April 1912can be considered the birthday of Estonian film. That was the day when JohannesPääsuke (1892-1918), the pioneer of cinematography, pointed his newly purchasedcamera towards the sky and focused its lens on the flying machine that flewover Tartu. Estonian film survived the long Soviet period when numerous films,each of which carried the severe seal of ideological repression, were made.Independence came once more and filmmaking found itself on a new economic base,which barely enabled survival. As for today, the small Estonian film industryhas re-established itself: our films have found an audience in their homelandand gained recognition at international film festivals. In addition to creatingsomething new, we try to find resources to restore old films, to investigateand maintain our film history and to develop our film and cinema culture.

A shortoverview of the 100 years of the Estonian film:



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EstonianFilm 100

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