3D Film Mart

Our 3D Film Mart (3DFM), now in its 2nd edition, is the first European co-production market for stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) movies.


The 3D Film Mart was developed by 3D Stereo MEDIA in association with TWIST and peacefulfish. 3DFM is partially funded by the MEDIA Program of the European Commission (EC), and is thus an official project of the EC. This gives it a wide visibility and a significant notoriety in Europe and beyond.

Our co-production market works as follows. Producers of 3D contents (for cinema, TV, ...) who have projects for S-3D contents (feature, documentary, animation, alternative content, ...) at an early stage of development, and are looking for financing, are invited to submit their projects to the market. Since the primary goal of the market is to boost the production of quality 3D content and to be educational, we strongly encourage producers that lack experience in S-3D but are successful in 2D movie making - or in some other form of art - to submit their first S-3D project, thereby using the market as a way to get up to speed in the demanding world of 3D!

A jury will select the 20 best projects submitted. The producer of each selected project will be invited to present his/her project to a panel of ten investors (sales agents, distributors, financiers, ...). The panel will select the best of these projects and its producer will be eligible to receive an award in the amount of 3,000.00€. Producers and investors will interact during pitching sessions and one-to-one meetings.

Last year, over 60 projects were submitted. The members of the jury came from ZDF, UMedia, n'Wave Pictures, Palatin Media Group, etc... 

You will find below all the necessary information for submitting a project:

- Regulations
- Call for Projects
- Submission Form