The Czech Film Center (CFC), which became part of the National Film Archive in 2013, is continuing in its traditional activities at the most prestigious international film festival in the Czech Republic, the Karlovy Vary IFF. Like every year, the CFC will issue the Czech Films brochure for the 48th annual Karlovy Vary festival and it will also be continuing with the Czech Film Corner stand, professional facilities for film industry visitors, which proved its worth last year, just like the presentation of prepared projects with co-production potential - Pitch & Feedback.

Czech Film Corner is just the place for the festival’s foreign guests who are interested in Czech film industry and cinematography and want to get into contact with Czech film professionals. It originated on the basis of many years of interest on the part of foreign producers and festival representatives in specific information concerning Czech films, the Czech film industry and conditions for the support or production of films in the Czech Republic.  The Industry Department of the Karlovy Vary IFF welcomed the CFC’s initiative to create the Czech Film Corner, which expands and complements its own services and became a representative platform to represent Czech films at the festival and provides film professionals the necessary contacts and important information about the current state of Czech cinematography from the area of the development, production, support and distribution of Czech films, information about festivals, about filming conditions for foreign filmmakers and about the Czech film industry in general. Like in the previous year, it is organised by the Czech Film Center in cooperation with the Czech Film Commission, MEDIA Desk of the Czech Republic and the Industry Department of the Karlovy Vary IFF. The Czech Film Cornerstand will be located on the first floor of the hotel Thermal, between the Industry and Programme departments. Representatives of the CFC, Czech Film Commission and MEDIA Desk will be available from Saturday June 29th to Friday July 5th between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Following last year’s successful premiere, the second annual Pitch & Feedback will be taking place at the 48th Karlovy Vary IFF. A total of seven Czech and Slovak projects under preparation with international co-production potential will have the opportunity to acquire valuable feedback from experts from the ranks of experienced international film professionals. The goal of this presentation is to create effective platforms for selected projects and to improve the networking opportunities for their filmmakers in relation to the representatives of the international film industry that are participating in the Karlovy Vary IFF.

“Supporting Czech films back in the early stage of their conception is vital for domestic cinematography, especially when they involve international co-productions that we need to break through to the international market. But Pitch & Feedback is not just about finding more money. Its objective is also to develop contacts with experienced professionals from the European film industry, key people that are looking for interesting material,” Jana Černík stated in summarisation of the objectives of Pitch & Feedback.

International experts for 2013: producer Mike Downey (F&ME, UK), film seller Loïc Magneron (Wide Management, FR), fund representative Brigitta Manthey (Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg, DE), co-production fund representative Riina Sildos (Baltic Event, EE) and education programme representative Matthieu Darras (TorinoFilmLab, FR/IT).

Selected projects for 2013: RED CAPTAIN (producer: Michal Kollár, SK), RUNNING HEAD (producer: Peter Kelíšek / Beetle Production, SK), COOLING OFF in cooperation with Midpoint (producer: Marek Urban / Sentimental Film, SK), FIFTH BOAT (producer: Jiří Konečný / Endorfilm, CZ, Iveta Grófová / Hulapa film, SK), LIPS TULLIAN (producer: Veronika Finková / Film and Roll, CZ), THE UNLOVED (producer: Tomáš Bělohradský / Czech Film, CZ) and LITTLE CRUSADER (producer: Alice Tabery / Václav Kadrnka, CZ).

Pitch & Feedback is part of the Karlovy Vary IFF’s Industry Days and it is organised by the Czech Film Centre, Slovak Film Institute and Karlovy Vary IFF with the support of Barrandov Studios, Slovak Ministry of Culture, Slovak Audiovisual Fund, MEDIA Desk of the Czech Republic and Midpoint. It will be taking place on Tuesday, July 2nd between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Becherova Villa, Krále Jiřího 9, Karlovy Vary.


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