The 8th edition of ScripTeast has just begun

The 8th edition of ScripTeast, one of the best programs for screenwriter from Central and Eastern Europe, has just begun. ScripTeast earned itself good reputation and the writers are chosen from the best European authors. To this year’s ScripTeast edition 10 scripts from eight countries, from several dozen of scripts, that have been sent trough, were chosen to the final. The writers have a year of creative work ahead of them.

8th ScripTeast edition began on September 29th. After the first session in Sterdyn the writers will work on mastering their scripts during two online sessions and stationary sessions during film festivals in Berlin and Cannes. They will by supported by Head of Studies and a group of international Creative Advisors - worldwide acclaimed screenwriters, directors and producers. "The ScripTeast advisers, coming from a range of industry disciplines across the world, meet and discuss the projects individually and collectively with the authors during and after the workshops. Their detailed professional input has a significant role in developing the scripts so that they can reach the widest possible audiences, and identify the most viable production opportunities. Sometimes, they even become partners in the projects, which is actively encouraged." says Christian Routh – one of the ScripTeast Head of Studies.

„Sterdyn session is very intense. We begin early in the morning with screenings of projects produced within ScripTeast (10 films are ready), then one-on-one meetings and case studies. Our discussions often last long hours. This is a survival camp for scriptwriters: blood, sweat and tears (laughter). This is a great challenge for screenwriters, who will gather an impressive amount of advises and opinions, regarding their script drafts – coming not only from advisors but also from other writers. selected to take part in the program”   explains Violetta Kamińska, Managing Director of ScripTeast.  

The online session following  stationary will last till the end of December, and by that time   writers have to present new drafts. Berlinale session is the first promotion stop – the  writers can see from the inside, how the movie market is functioning and get a chance to gain international contacts. They also discuss with Head of Studies further changes in their scripts. After Berlin writers have have time to work again on their scripts, which final drafts have to be sent to the Advisory Board by beginning of April. The last session of the program takes place in May, during Cannes Film Festival, where the Advisory Board chooses the best scripts and honors it with the Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award for the Best Central and Eastern European Script. Among 7 projects, prized with this award, 4 are already produced and further are in production.

Scripts  selected to  8th edition of ScripTeast:

BORN IN VIENNA –  Éva Pataki, Márta Mészáros, Zoltán Jancsó (Hungary)
HOLIDAY –   Paweł Ferdek, Arkadiusz Milcarz (Poland)
KINGS‘ SHIFT-   Ignas Miškinis, Saulius Drunga (Lithuania)
LIFE BEATS REALITY – Andreea Vălean (Romania)
MERICAN CHICK – Evita Naušová, Viktor Tauš (Czech Republic)
MINISTRY OF LOVE – Pavo Marinković (Croatia)
MY FRIEND BOEING – Matevž Luzar (Slovenia)
MY NAME IS DAMJAN –  Suzana Tratnik, Maja Weiss (Slovenia)
NOT FOR YOUR EYES –  Agnieszka Trzos, Jarosław Sokół (Poland)
SHAKESPEARE AS A STREET NAME – Valeri Yordanov (Bulgaria)

ScripTeast is a training program for the best screenwriters from Eastern and Central Europe. The aim is to help the screenwriters strengthen their scripts, make it interesting for wide international audience, it is meant to enhance the best written scripts’ competitiveness. ScripTeast is organized by the Independent Film Foundation and supported by Media Program of EU, Polish Film Institute, National Centre for Culture and Apple Film Production, in cooperation with the European Film Academy, the ACE Program, Producers Network, Film New Europe and Final Draft.

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