3D Content Financing Market Announces 2013 Project Selection

3D Content Financing Market’s (3DFM) third edition will take place from the 4th through the 5th December 2013 in Liège, Belgium during the international 3D summit, 3D Stereo MEDIA. 3DFM is an international financing market dedicated to projects with stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) content from all over the world. For two days, there will be presentations, discussions, pitching sessions, and organized meetings taking place between the participants. The objectives of the market are to facilitate the financing and distribution of stereoscopic-3D film content.

The 3DFM provides 15 international filmmakers, selected by a professional jury, with an opportunity to present their projects to a panel composed of invited financiers, potential co-producers, and sales agents. Simultaneously, many meetings between 3D professionals, producers, directors, technicians, service providers, financiers and sales agents will be organised to make it possible for people to move forward with their projects and to develop a network of stakeholders specialised in this new genre.

The market will also offer to its participants several conferences on focused topics: structuring your financing and developing co-productions, the marketing and licensing of 3D content, and the revenue potential and access to equity for 3D projects.

Among the members of the 3DFM jury 2013, there will representatives from Belgian subsidy Wallimage, Belgian cluster of audiovisual providers The Pôle Image of Liège, and production and financing companies like: Red Bull Media House (Austria), sales companies: SC Films International (UK) and eOne Films International (UK), music financier Just Temptation (Germany) and the production company and Best Pitch award winner from the 2012 edition of the market – Cow Prod from France.

Now in its third year, the 3DFM has expanded from European to worldwide focus. For the first time there will be projects from USA, Canada, and even a German-Chinese co-production participating alongside to European projects. American director Alla Kovgan will present her project “Cunningham 3D” about world-renowned choreographer Merce Cunningham. Whereas Canadian director Dylan Pearce will bring his feature film project “40 Below and Falling”.

There will also be two documentaries at 3DFM: “Deep In The Forest” by Sundance festival winner for best screenplay in 1996 Ciro Cappellari from Germany, and “Le Mans: 3D” by Emmy-nominated director James Erskine from UK.

The only animation film this year, “Vincent Van Dog,” is a Dutch-Belgian co-production.

Also, two of the selected projects were already present at other international co-production markets in 2013: Polish project “Heart Core” by Grzegorz Korczak at Polish Days 2013 in Wroclaw, Poland and German-British co-production “North Pole” by Simone Orliani and Teresina Moscatiello at Nordic Co-Production Forum 2013 Haugesund, Norway.

Some of the selected filmmakers are returning to the 3DFM with new projects, after participating in previous editions of the market. For example, French director, stereographer and producer Fabien Remblier, whose film “Symphony in 3D” was pitched in 2011 and won the award for best usage of 3D technology at the 3D Korean International Film Festival, will present his new project “Ambulance 13”. Spanish director Ferran Audí will also participate at 3DFM for the second time, this time pitching a new feature film project titled “Catalan Cream”.

Additionally, several selected projects are dedicated to fantastic stories, representing the unique usage of 3D technology. These are: “Apocalyptic Warrior” by Raza Mallal, UK, German-Chinese co-production “Unbounded”, represented by German producer Axel Weimer, “The Darkness” by British director Simon Foster, and “Spacers” by Andrew Dymond from UK.

Finally, a French director, Gilles Stassart, will present an adventurous project about a kitchen-chef “Inside a Fried Chicken”. And a Portuguese director, Edgar Pêra,who released an experimental film 3x3D together with Jean-Luc Godard and Peter Greenway, will look for financing for his project “Amazed Spectator”.

At the end of the market, the jury will select The Best Pitch award winner, who will be announced during the 3D Stereo MEDIA Awards Ceremony on 6 December, at the Royal Opera House of Liège

In 2013, the 3D Content Financing Market is organised by 3D Stereo MEDIA and peacefulfish with main financial support from the regional government of Wallonia.

Currently, the 3D Content Financing Market is open for registration for co-producers, technicians, distributors and other interested participants who can benefit from presentations, pitching sessions, networking events as well as one-to-one meetings. Registration can be combined with other elements of 3D Stereo MEDIA: educational workshops, conferences, and the Gala evening.


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