EKRAN Training Programme - Deadline 02 Dec

WARSAW: EKRAN, a pre-production training programme organized by the Wajda School and Wajda Studio, is accepting applications for the 2014 programme through 2 December 2013.

The programme will consist of three sessions scheduled throughout the year: 31 March-10 April, 2-12 June, and a final 2 day session taking place in December.

Applications should come from a creative team consisting of director, writer and producer and optionally, a director of photography, representing a project. The target group will include a director who has completed a first feature and some short films.

The programme, which is free of charge to the participants, is a collaborative project with the Lithuanian Film Center, the Croatian Audiovisual Fund, the Polish Film Institute, and the Association of Polish Filmmakers, among others. Applicants from Lithuania and Croatia should apply to their national film centers.